bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Season Coming to a Close (Recap)

Since November of 08 (maybe late October?), the season has been going strong. Much fun and rejoicing has been had. Shredding hills all over and every imaginable ski condition. From the early season brutal cold Dong described at Killy opening, two epic pow weekends - that I may have missed, as reported here and here; two major trips out west; nearly countless weekends up in VT, whether at Pico, Killy, or Mount Snow; I had numerous mid-Atlantic crap fests; and finally some good clean fun at the NY mountains: Bellayre, Hunter, Windham. As far north as Jay, VT; as far south as Liberty, PA; and all the way out West to Utah. Boloney Moguls covered some serious ground. We did onesies, shred vests, Starters and jeans, and all sorts of other sweet styles. Utilizing nearly every form of transit besides sea planes, helicopters, or luges; Boloney could be seen on Buses (ugh, the horror), trains, subways, metros, cars, trucks, SUVs, and planes sporting steeze and carrying snowboards, skis, and booze.

Some rough calculations for myself. (Guys, chime in below in the comments with your own recaps) 21 days of boarding. 12 different mountains. 5 states boarded in. Rough overview of travels:
DC - Mount Snow VT - 1,000 miles
DC - Windham/Hunter NY - 700 miles
DC - Pico VT- 1,000 miles
DC - Snowbird/Brighton Utah - 4,000 miles
DC - Whitetail, PA - 150 miles
DC - Seven Springs, PA - 400 miles
DC - Jay Peak, Michael Bolton Valley VT - 1,500 miles
DC - Liberty, PA - 150 miles
DC - Jackson Hole WY- 4,000 miles
DC - Liberty, PA - 150 miles (Closing day)
DC - Hunter NY- 700 miles (Closing Day)

Total mileage for round trips (estimation) = 17,750 miles

While the season isn't over - Killington Pond skimming, Mount snow has some life left - the end is nigh. Summer we're hoping to maybe go South of the equator or perhaps will get out to Mount Hood for a bit. Most importantly we need to be investing in making a summer backyard park Meatheads style.

Be sure to tune in for continued updates about NONE MORE BLACKER. Also for an added bonus, watch all the teasers back to back here!


Kath said...
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Kath said...

11/28 - 11/29 Mt Snow 600 mi
12/26 - 12/27 Windham/Hunter 500 mi
12/19 - 12/22 Pico 600 mi
1/9 - 1/11 Pico 600 mi
1/22 - 1/25 Whitetail,PA 750 mi
2/6 - 2/8 Pico 600 mi
2/13 - 2/16 Btown(Jay/BV) 1100mi
2/19 - 2/22 Liberty,PA 750 mi
3/13 - 3/15 Pico 600 mi
3/22 - 3/23 Mt Snow 600 mi
4/11 Hunter 400 mi
*4/17 - 4/19 Pico 600 mi

Days of Riding: 18(*20)
States : 3
Total mileage : 7600 miles (roundtrips to KP)


Seen said...

Kath? Who is Kath? Who in this group has that name???? I think we have a spambot attacking the blog or something making things up.