bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Radio Ron Rocks (SkitheEast)

For your Friday Fun consumption, Radio Ron doing what he does best. Linked via SkitheEast
Radio Ron is a shred god. Do it up one time DIP DIP DIP. This is of course him slaying the bumps on Stein's Run at Sugarbush, VT. And just to clarify in case you're dense, Radio Ron is skiing and the voice you hear is him wired up to a body mic, not the camera guy.

UPDATE: Check out this great Radio Ron bonus feature


None More Blacker - Featuring DK (Teasers)

The other half of the Kelly Clan, the king of wine crushing, the slayer of snakeskin, the savior of sweaters, ambassador of awesomeness, he puts the Donkey in Kong, DK himself, DAN. This ski whiz has been tearing up the slopes for years with his puckered lips. Located out of Btown, this killer Kelly brings style and flash to every run. And if this gets you going, just wait and see what will drop in the full "Forever Young" section that will appear in None More Blacker.

Traveling Circus (East Coast Steeze)

Awesome new episode of the Traveling Circus is online. Near and dear to our hearts, it's all East Coast. Covering Hunter, West, and Mount Snow, this is a good one. Check it out.


Snowbird Rises, Jackson Falls (Out West Report)

It seems Jackson is nowhere near as gnarly as once thought. After an epic two weeks of snowfall, Jackson did the only sensible thing. CLOSE DOWN FOR THE SEASON. I seriously can't believe it. Even though they had an announced "close date" months in advance, they actually stuck to it even though they have received massive dumpings. Hell, Mount Snow, Killington, even Hunter are still open! But Jackson Hole's 500+ inches and 100 inch base was not enough. Jackson - you're on notice.

And to the awesomness. Snowbird is officially calling it 12 days 12 feet. This user-created video below is a testament to how amazing the conditions were (and still are) and just how good that mountain really is.


Boloney Moguls (Racing for a Cure)

Spotted on the streets of D.C. during a ten-miler this weekend, Power Seen was spotted wearing the Tim Boloner Tee (taking orders) to raise awareness and spread hope for all those afflicted with this bizarre face ailment. In the sea of some 20,000 runners, you can clearly pick out the message of Booze:Snow:Metal and hope for all those fallen Boloners of the past.

Stretching is the key to total fitness

Switch-running style

Sprinting to the Finish Line

Xtreme DEW Boloney Running for the Cause

Oh NO!!! The Affliction has caught Seen too!