bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Avast, matey! (Swashbuckle Stikes Again)

If you enjoyed everyone's favorite teaser to the smash hit "None More Blacker," than you already know Swashbuckle:

But, Swashbuckle has now risen to attack again from the very depths of Davy Jones' locker. Storming, raping, and pillaging wherever they go, beware. This group of course knows that Rum is for drinking, not for burning, and understands what leverage is. The first single is now available, as is the rest of the album. Get it or they will kill your loved ones. They might not have the Black Pearl, but I would shudder if I saw that cursed vessel approach off my port bow.


Summer Time (DC VS CHILL-E)

To looker's right, you'll see a lovely map of the Mid-Atlantic where one power seen is currently sweltering. The last thing anyone could contemplate right now is snow. While D.C. might have a heat advisory in effect right now (at last checking the absolute temperature was rapidly approaching 100 degrees), it's a different world south of the Equator.

Down in Chile, the shred season is in full gear. More than just Portilio, there are spots all over the 2,500 hundred mile long country. With such clever names as "el colorado" and "valle nevado" I wonder what's next.... "el hunter mountain," "el jackson hole?"

Check out this great read over at ESPN Action. The article is more about boozing and traveling in Chile than shredding, but it is fun none the less. Snow is snow, whether it's pronounced snow or "el snow" and as it crosses the 100 degree wall today, I'm going to be wishing I was in "el chile" at 10,000 el feet. Meh, start organizing next year's southern boloney mission now.

And after recent communication with one exceptionally stylish Kelly, B-town is sounding better and better. Will the Boloney Compound finally become operational? Stay tuned.