bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


The Return

After checking the weather and whatnot on Friday, we knew that the trip back was going to be awful. There's no better way to end a week in paradise than the most awful trip back possible. So the first real joke is that I lost my ipod all week and the van back claimed that they had found my ipod and were going to be able to give it to me. Turns out they had a black ipod in a black case. It wasn't my black ipod in a black case.

Well the ride to Denver wasn't a problem at all and the driver was a tetris master.

So checking into DIA we were already a half-hour delayed, which quickly turned into an hour. Boloney Moguls solution: Get hammered. Whole lot of drinking went down. Eventually we boarded an hour late, taxied away, and then got news that JFK was closed and we would be sitting on the tarmac. After a solid hour we then taxied back to the gate, to just as quickly turn around and get back into line to takeoff. Around 4 we finally took off. Our awesome inflight bartender started getting us rounds of white Russians, and I added up a 80$ bar tab... on a plane.

Oh yea, Tim got a sick Brett Michaels hat.

and that's how breckenrage ended.

Mission: Summit

It was Friday. The last day. After Lunch. We had to do it.

After much bitching we all agreed to do it. We took the Colorado Express to Chair 6 to the warming hut at 12,000 ft. From there we shook the ice off and got ready. Now the five of us hoped on the Imperial Express Chair for the final push. This chair took us to 12,800 feet in 2 and a half minutes.

Now the wind picked up the snow blew in and the temp went down. In a near whiteout we bunkered down and started the hike up the final 200 feet of vert. Tim, powered through like an animal and burned all us healthy-lungers in a truly impressive fashion. What we thought was going to be a tough hike turned out to be a grueling and challenging process. The snow was so loose and the climb was so steep it was very tough to keep pushing up without sliding back.

We made it and had only one thing to say.


Damnit meg didn't take a picture of me, so it seems I never made it up myself. (Thanks Meg)

To get a sense of the summit, check out the video I took of us up there.

We'll have video of the Summit run up soon.