bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Boloney Off to Tahoe in the AM (Tahizzle?)

Dong, myself, Claire, Tim, and one LeBrainest are off on a wild adventure to North America's second highest lake, the great Tahoe.

Resort of choice on this most rustic of trips?  Of course the Mont Bleu Casino at the base of Heavenly.  Giddyup.  I'll of course, be way lame and spend more time updating the Boloney blog about our antics than boarding so stay tuned.

To all the Boloners left on the Island and one DiK near the good lake Champlain, we'll have an extra drink (or seven) for you!

(The picture to the right is the first result for a google image search on "heavenly."  A French metal band.  HA)

And as a special present to all those viewing this, straight from the lodge after the epic Belleayre mission yesterday, is BP eating a full bag of oysters.  Note the crackers exploding out of his mouth at several times.


Epic (Katskills come through)

Whoa. Epic. Insane. Deep. Are some of the only words to describe
today. Even with the snoiccane striking the tri state area, we made it
in under 4 hours. The mountain - belleayre.

Reports claimed there was 60 inches of snow. There was. I've never
been in something so deep and so heavy ever.

The turns - when they were succesful -were amazing. The turns when
they weren't so succesful resulted in lawn darting, face planting,
powder explosions and any number of other mega crashes.

Amazing. Video and photos will be up but they simply won't do justice.

Hero of the day - dude in camo who handed me a free beer when I was
buried waste deep.

I'll elaborate more later. Epic.


Boloney Powder Mission (Cilling the Catskills)

No less than two Boloners are hoping into the Seenbaru in the AM and planning on doing some good old Bill Paxton style storm chasin'.

The plan?  Thankfully NOT south to PA.  This time we're heading to the stomping grounds where the snowboarding magic started for me - the Catskill mountain range.  Now, we don't quite now yet where we are going - Plattekill, Hunter, Windham, or maybe Bellayre.

The road will be slow going and the approach to the mountains should be well iced - just how the Subaru likes it.

Hoping for big powder close to home.  I'll send updates from the road.  Time to slay the powder, giddyup.


PA Powder Mission (Blue Gets Browned)

(Continuing on the catch-up, next is our storm chaser mission, tracking another snowpocalypse in the Mid Atlantic)

An early wake-up (5:30AM) started the mission.  We knew the blizzard was coming West to East and PA would be getting it before New York, with heavy accumulations.  So, if it started snowing here, it was likely already a disaster there.  Our destination was initially Camelback, but a last minute audible switched the plan to Blue.

So after a dark and stormy wake-up, I was greeted with a lovely crust of ice and sleet on everything.  Already, I was thrilled with the prospects of the 150 mile drive.  Over to Trafalgar, Dong and Brown mounted up and we headed out to Pennsylvania.  To check out the rest of the story and some video, hit here!

Shreduary Strikes Sugarbush (Slashin' Snow)

In my attempt to catch-up on all the goings on in this already packed with excitement Shreduary, I'll start with the most recent trip up to the infamous G305.

Everyone on the East Coast, and over large tracts of out West too, have spent weeks, if not the whole season griping about the lack of killer snow.  I won't add onto that much as then to state the obvious.  Before we got back to the condo, a classic January rain system swept through the entire North East, and demolished solid snow packs.  Everything froze solid and great conditions were ruined.

So in the days preceding this trip, we all anxiously hoped for a few inches here and there to repair the damage done.  Thankfully, light repairs were made.  With Sugarbush getting something like 10 inches over the span of 10 days and firing their guns at full blast - and it being already February - I really wanted to get up there.  Hit here or the header to read on and get the rest of the run down.

Seen Having Too Much Free Time (GoPro, Oh No!)

With the acquisition of a GoPro a few months back, I've been finding more and more ways to play with it.  In the last 14 days, I've ridden something like 9 different mountains.  In that time I found a whole plethora of uses and awesome ways to get fun shots.  Instead of just rocking it as a helmet cam, I used it as a:  chase cam, selfshot out front, wobbly cam pointing out, time lapse, car cam, and that's just the start of it.  I've seen online all sorts of different ways guys are playing with these things and getting some really neat effects.  As shreduary marches on, I'm sure I'll continue to get some awesome stuff out of it.

In this quick edit I've got some mega fresh pow in Blue Mountain and Cannon, mixed in with some awesome stashes at Saddleback, ME.  For a season that has been lacking snow, the last two weeks have found my cameras - and myself - buried in it on multiple occasions.

I must say, I'm particularly psyched that I was filming myself when I caught an edge and front flipped.  As opposed to trying to protect my body, I kept that awesome fish eye lens pointed right at me.  Wahoo.


The Seen and Tim Show (Boloney Blasts UT: The Sequel)

Whoa!  Would have thought that not having a job would have enabled me to update the blog a whole lot more.  And look at me, I even missed the TWO YEAR anniversary of the Boloney Blog.  What has caused this delay in updates?  Constant shredding of course.  The last 14 days have seen great riding at Sugarbush, a powder day at Blue Mountain, PA, and then a mega Shreduary tour all through New England.  Updates and run downs for all that will come in good time (I'll be on planes and bored a lot), but first I have exciting news.

I've gotten a piece up at SkiTheEast.net - and couldn't be more psyched - and have finished the accompanying edit.  Let's call this piece a condensed version of the three updates I sent while I was in Utah in January.  Hope you enjoy the video and story!  You can get both by clicking the full report here or at the headline.