bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Classic Clips (Slow Jerk)

Just because I reference this all the time, I feel that it needs to be posted.

You NEVER finish.

Friday Feature (Brown Teaser)

Next up to be featured in None More Blacker is Brown Matt himself. This baron of the shred, virtuoso of outrageous, the brownest of the boozing bears, knows how to "throw-down." With more costume changes than even one Dong, Brown has that steezy style that has everyone coming back for more.


Pic of the Day (Dong Goes to the Darkside)

Today's Pic of the Day comes as quite a surprise. Through bold leadership, Dong is trying to make quite the example of himself. By dressing in this fashion, he has volunteered himself to receive the first beating for this absurd and egregious crime. As he said last week: "Umm...yeah, if you know this guy...hit him for me. Then pull his pants up." So clearly, he is offering himself up, like Christ, for sacrifice.

Epic Out West (Share Your Snow)

Out West is continuing to get hammered. Snowbird is 3 inches away from 500, and Jackson will soon be there as well. Forecast: continued dumping. Boloney Moguls location: rainy and soggy East Coast. Flights: Unattainable and overpriced. Result: Heavy medication through wine-crushing.

To continue our continued series of "why the hell do we live here," check out this shot from yesterday. I think it is the best one JHSR has put up this season.

Image courtesy JHSR


Epic Spring Pow (Why do we not live out West?)

Yea so, NONE MORE BLACKER would be equally amazing if we got 4 feet of snow in so many days. Check out the new Jackson Hole video that they put up covering last week's snow. It makes me very angry to be in a cube right now.


Two for Tuesday (Dropping like their hot)

Whoa. A double feature from Boloney Moguls? No way. Power Seen productions must have no life at all!

First off, a new NONE MORE BLACKER teaser has arrived at my doorstep, featuring the new-to-the-crew Steezy footer AtheFilter. Watch as she purifies us all with her filtration stylee and recommends that we all just "vibe" a bit more.

And for our second feature some back story. After a clusterfuck on my dethBook once I arrived home from Jackson, I discovered I had lost nearly five days of footage. After many expletives, tantrums, and thrashing about, I chugged some wine and calmed down. Then, I realized that one Dong Stul had actually made copies of 2 out of the 5 days of missing footage - and thankfully the 1/2 and full powder days were those two days. So what was originally a total loss, is now only a partial loss. The lost footage - perhaps never to be seen again - most included just b-roll and shots of us putting out the vibe. Nothing that can't be replicated, but of course another trip to Jackson is now required.

Now that I have this footage back in my possession after many sexual favors preformed on one Freddy Mercury, I have gotten to work on it. So embedded below is just a quick compilation of us at the top of Corbet's Couloir. I've written about the subject here, and have some comments about our experience at the top of the world here.

And now for your viewing pleasure: