bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Snow, as well as, the Lack There Of (WWS)

While it looks like the East Coast doesn't get to ski this year, there is still much in the Wide World of Shred to report.

First, Heavenly (where the gang is off to in March) is opening ahead of their original schedule, on Friday.  They decided to make a web series all about snowmaking and their snowmaking crew, and I've gotta say,  It is awesome.  If you enjoy Deadliest Catch, Loberstermen, Axe Men, Ice Road Truckers, or another show about Guys that Do a Job that Doesn't Pay Much, you'll love this shit.  Frankly, the slick editing and lack of a crappy song for the intro already make this better than half of the "real" shows.  I've posted the teaser, but the full first episode is available at the Heavenly link.

I have now begun a news embargo on the East Coast until it is positive, so instead, I'll comment on Antarctica - perhaps the last frontier of shred remaining. 

Jeremy Jones and crew are continuing to film for their two year project, TGR's Deeper, and they've posted a photo spread from Antarctica.  Deeper is Jones' attempt to get back to what he thinks is the heart and soul of free riding - literally hiking every run.  No snowmobiles, no helicopters.  If you want your turns, you have to earn them.  And it's not like he is hiking at resorts.  He's picked places with unknown lines in the Alps, and spent months exploring vast stretches of AK.  So, why not hit up Antarctica.  That sounds reasonable. 

Jeremy Jones, is of course the king of Free Ride.  Check out some of his various hits.  From That's it That's All last year, a custom edit with just him in there.  Or how about his segment from Under the Influence?

I've attached two of what I think are the craziest shots.  Remember, these guys are sleeping in tents there and then hiking step by step with full gear.  No sherpas, no nothing.  A board, boots, and all the gear and food they need to hike up the run, strap in, and then launch back down it.  Who knew there was so much to Antarctica beyond penguins and cold?  It certianly seems closer to a hard pack then POW, but these pros can handle that for sure.  Check out the full article here to get the rest o the photos and a much better written article.