bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


It's a Buyer's Market (Boloney Moguls to Invest)

Because the entire world may suggest there is some sort of "recession" going on (I prefer to think about the re:session), two mountains are up for sale and it is time for Boloney Moguls to go even bigger. Intrepid sleuth AtheFilter has tracked down this article in the BFP.

To summarize, Stowe Mountain Resort is up for sale. Sold in 2007 for 85$ million and has appreciated in value since then, details are sketchy on if they are going public or private of if they have any perspective buyers lined up.

Perhaps most interesting: "“Our hope is that our buyer will continue to develop Stowe in the environmentally respectful master plan that has been eight years in the making,” Tulupman said."

So clearly we know what we can do. If we buy this place we can totally screw over all the hippie tree huggers and do whatever we want. I think it is win win.

Also, look at this from skitheeast.net about Magic Mountain:

"Thank you all for your review of my letter last week in which I introduced the concept of co-operative ownership of Magic. I am encouraged by the number and the tenor of the responses. I understand that further details need to be presented in order for many of you to make a commitment to purchasing shares, and the purpose of this letter is to answer many of the specific inquiries which have been posed. In addition, in short order I will present a business plan, a five year budget, and a list of capital projects and the associated costs. As always, I appreciate your input, commentary, and questions, and I am hopeful that you all will continue to provide them."

It of course goes on to say that they want to sell 300 shares at 5000$ each. Now that's a deal. Who wants to own part of a mountain? I do! I do! Check out more details here http://www.savemagicvermont.com/

None More Blacker (Dropping June 12th)

If you want to be the cool kid on your block, you'll have to pre-order now to receive the very special and very limited edition of None More Blacker. This LTD edition includes the full feature on DVD (chock with bonus features) as well as a bonus cd including the entire Official Soundtrack. June 12th, Walton NY will be the first event in the None More Blacker viewing tour. Quite a party it will be. Want NMB and the rest of the Boloney gang to come to your town? Just ask, most of us are unemployed!

To further level up your stokeness right now, check out this awesome powder skiing video from Redbull.

The line at around 2:20 is still a mystery to me. Does he fall? Does he tumble? Was it all intentional? There is so much pow it doesn't seem to matter.