bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Squaw Recap (official)

In bullet points:
-thousands of acres of nutso bowls, steeps, and cliffs
-Lorraine expressed a certain terror of everything squaw and forgot
how to ski temporarily.
-loraine has dubbed tim and myself the dareful duo
-high camp is one of the greatest places in the world to have a beer
-seeing Olympian Johnny Moseley walking down the road with his kid was
-2$ pbrs in the local rippers bar and getting the skinny on unoffical
squaw was awesome
-squaw is epic

Squaw (Olympic mission)

Off to squaw on the 755 bus after an absurd number of wines and tonics.

The mountain is amazing - thousands of acres of huge steep bowls.
Everything is good here. That is all.


From yesterday in heavnlys powder.

"so what's the deal with this powder. Ya don't turn in it?"


Bps got a new shirt

Dong has his going out shirt on.

This should be interesting.

Boloney Goes Sidecountry

After ripping up the fresh snow heavenly had to offer I headed up to
the top of the milky way bowl for a spirited hike. 30 minutes later I
got to the top of the hill and had an amazing view.

An awesome run down the highest part of the mountain made for quite a

Next up we headed (seperately whoops!) to the fire break gate and off
the resort property. Deep snow. Pillows Trees. Rocks. Everything one
could want.

We went in seperately and I met up with gnaly skiier drew. Me and him
made it down eventually over an insane slope and met up with the rest
of the kids in the village. All in agreement: best run.

Well that was something. (all in)

Last night was certainly something. After survivng the death bus to
get back, I got a little loopy and played a crap load of roulette. At
one point I was up 600. Let's just leave it at that.

Woke up to bluebird skies and 14 of fresh. Byahhhhhhh


Captain Kirkwood Comes Through (Deeper)

Number 1 day in all the years i've ridden. I've never experienced a
time where everyturn yielded overhead snow waves and 100 percent

At points the snow became blinding. Litterally so much snow in the
face, turn after turn, that riding required some kind if sixth sense
where you trusted the snow and the board.

Only exploring a fraction of this amazing mountain yielded my most
excellent runs.

I will return.

Bus ride of doom (hold me)

If this message is my last communication, I died a happy boloner after
having my most epic day on a snowboard ever.

Currently, I am on the bus after roads have reopened. There is close
to 20 inches of snow on the road and the bus is sliding on everyturn.
The dropoffs at points are brutal in case of a rollover and the
visibilty is non existent.

The snow created such a white out and came down so hard before they
had to close the road to blast for avalanches. On the road!

Speeds are around 20 mph - any faster and we go out of control. Any
slower and we don't have momentum to maintain traction.

I've always said you have to earn you turns. On this day I'm just
happy I'm not driving.

I don't know when or if we will make it back to night, but I know
everyturn in the most perfect snow I've ever ridden made it worth it.

Thank you ullr.

For this power seen and one tk, that is all. Next stop, somewhere.

Quick Decisions (kirkwood pow hunt)

7:04 at starbucks with the snow report open: kirkwood - 12 inches.
Heavenly -2 inches.

The decision was easy. A few quick phonecall to the rest of the
boloners and the bus company and at 7:24 we boarded a snow tired bus
headed to kirkwood.



Apple Sauce Canyon (do it up one time)

With snow falling from California to Nevada tim and this seen headed
off to east peak to kill it in the woods we found yesterday in our

Lapping the ares woods and rando dipper woods we found ton of fresh
snow and soft forgiving bump glades. Byahhh!!!

We had to try it out so after burning out on those wood we shot to
mott canyon - the mega gnar zone here.

Awesome. Only way to describe it. Numbered chutes. Great vert and
steepness. Easily accesible off the chair. Finally found some exposure
and good old Sierra Nevada style fun.

Unleash the fury

The big storm that these cal-e-forn-ians have been talking about has
crossed the lake and the snow has started. They are predcting winds up
to 75 mph. This could get exciting.



(technical errors stopped this from going online this morning)

I woke up after what felt like a 24 hour coma to the lights and buzzes of computerized slot machines, video poker, and desperation.

These people have been at it all night and everything is 24/7 at the mont bleu. After a room snafu which was aptly settled by bp, we
settled into our room which provided an ample number of doors and walls. Quite a bit of progress for Nevada.

After betting everything on black and letting it ride, I no longer have shoes, so will promptly retire from the adult recreation provided by this facility.

It's game on at heavenly today and time to gear up for fun and excitmnt at Lake Tarded.

It's hard to drink with goggles on

Leraine's insightful comment of the week. The motto for lake retardho.