bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Blast from Breck (or How I Have Way Too Much Time On My Hands)

Well in a search through many of my external HDDs I tracked down some videos taken from the helmet cam during the last day at Breckenrage.

Here is a look of us all at the top of the summit. Of course, because the helmet cam is never mounted right, I miss nearly all of the action.

After that, we traversed over to Horseshoe bowl. This is mostly a video going in one direction and of everyone bitching.

Some lovely shots of the most amazing of areas: Windows. Mostly it is us just yelling at each other and figuring out where to go. It was only the first run down and most of the time I spent it bouncing off trees or falling down from my own ineptitude. To make matters better, the camera is almost always off centered or off angled. Enjoy!

The Start (once on Chute 4)

After taking a break in the middle of the woods

Finishing Up

And me bouncing off of a tree halfway through