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Bri/DK Fest X Recap (Bolla, Woods, and Pow)

Three years running (on top of several of the K0 trips) and the Bri/DK Fest is still in full swing.  For the 2010 season we were lucky in to get awesome snow, great weather, one DiK that was loaded down with 2 1/2 gallons of Vallapocellia.  Read after the break for a run down on Killy, Pico, and wine by the liter.

This is now my third trip to G305 (often known as the Condo of Chaos).  The first week I was up (1000 miles in three days) was more to just stretch the legs and see Killy than anything else.  Conditions were terrible and almost nothing was open.  The second trip was early December.  That week I saw the transformation first hand as winter finally started.  This weekend though was what skiing and riding in VT is all about:  ungroomed powder, untamed woods runs, and glades packed with snow.

Starting the trip early with Dong, we hit up Killington on Friday to hunt down any powder that was still hiding in the trees.  As a quick weather recap, on New Years a major storm hit Vermont.  Killington got at least 18 inches, but that was a week before we got there.  Still though, we ventured into the classic woods runs of Killy, starting with Julio.

Julio is an intimidating run:  dense trees, exposed rocks, and variable conditions.  Still though, no one else was in there and plenty of snow was able to be found when moving away from the main chutes through the trees.  Dong and myself continued through Killy, going from peak to peak and dipping in and out of the major wooded trails.  Off the other peaks, sections like Low Rider and Patsys had great powder and amazing turns to offer.

The final mission at Killington was to venture over to Bear Mountain and check out what was available to shred.  To our surprise, woods that never open were actually open.  Devil's Den - steep exposed rock and almost no route clearing - was impressive and loaded with untracked snow.  Finally, the Growler woods to looker's right of Outer Limits were awesome as well.

The most amazing thing about Killington was the fact that ice was everywhere on the main trails.  For a mountain that had just gotten well more than 18 inches of snow, you would think hard pack sheets of ice would not be abundant, but oh no.  Not at Killington.  Come to Killy for the ice.

With the rest of the gang up and snow falling heavily, we looked forward to two awesome days riding without crowds at Pico.  What seemed to only be an inch or two of snow in the parking lot was easily 4-6 on the main trails of Pico.  Cursing down the Upper and Mid Pike had to be some of the most fun I've ever had on a snowboard.  One long line of fresh snow and endless turns and slashes to be made in it.

Psyched up because of the awesome conditions found all over the hill, the Kelly's and I headed over Giant Killer and traversed to the Poma Line - a remnant of the abandoned surface lift.  All that remains now are power lines that service some of the summit facilities and pylons from derelict lift.  From the top you can look down some 1000 vertical feet at the chute cut straight through the trees.  Even though there hadn't been a substantial storm in a week, the snow was great and the edges were still untouched.

Once down the Poma Line, you begin the Poma trail:  a cut through the woods no wider than a snowmobile in spots.  Here the snow was deep and abundant.  And in classic Seen form, I got buried and spent some five minutes digging myself out.

Of course deserving great note was Tony and Andrea's first time out on Skis.  Big props for that and also for their remarkable success on Day 1 being on snow.  Tony was even bold (or drunk) enough to head up to mid station and work his way down Gold Rush.

Highlight of Saturday night had to be another amazing Tim O'Carroll performance at the Long Trail.  That Irishmen can do it right.  Of course, DK, Nukey, and myself's ultimate round of Catch Phrase has to be noted as well.

Sunday was more of the same.  Woods runs off the outpost chair and relaxed runs through the Summit and Birch Glades.  The real fun of the day was the Telemarking.  It was a free demo day, so Dong couldn't resist and had to strap a pair of teles on.  Watching him make his failing lunge attempts at tele turns was a true marvel.  Perhaps because of my vociferous mocking, the snow gods deemed it necessary for me to do a slick double backflip ragdoll crash on 49er.  Thank you Ullr for the invention of helmets.

And so another birthday celebration is over, but many more weekend will be had at Pico this season.

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