bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Bus ride of doom (hold me)

If this message is my last communication, I died a happy boloner after
having my most epic day on a snowboard ever.

Currently, I am on the bus after roads have reopened. There is close
to 20 inches of snow on the road and the bus is sliding on everyturn.
The dropoffs at points are brutal in case of a rollover and the
visibilty is non existent.

The snow created such a white out and came down so hard before they
had to close the road to blast for avalanches. On the road!

Speeds are around 20 mph - any faster and we go out of control. Any
slower and we don't have momentum to maintain traction.

I've always said you have to earn you turns. On this day I'm just
happy I'm not driving.

I don't know when or if we will make it back to night, but I know
everyturn in the most perfect snow I've ever ridden made it worth it.

Thank you ullr.

For this power seen and one tk, that is all. Next stop, somewhere.

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