bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Seen Having Too Much Free Time (GoPro, Oh No!)

With the acquisition of a GoPro a few months back, I've been finding more and more ways to play with it.  In the last 14 days, I've ridden something like 9 different mountains.  In that time I found a whole plethora of uses and awesome ways to get fun shots.  Instead of just rocking it as a helmet cam, I used it as a:  chase cam, selfshot out front, wobbly cam pointing out, time lapse, car cam, and that's just the start of it.  I've seen online all sorts of different ways guys are playing with these things and getting some really neat effects.  As shreduary marches on, I'm sure I'll continue to get some awesome stuff out of it.

In this quick edit I've got some mega fresh pow in Blue Mountain and Cannon, mixed in with some awesome stashes at Saddleback, ME.  For a season that has been lacking snow, the last two weeks have found my cameras - and myself - buried in it on multiple occasions.

I must say, I'm particularly psyched that I was filming myself when I caught an edge and front flipped.  As opposed to trying to protect my body, I kept that awesome fish eye lens pointed right at me.  Wahoo.

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