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Unleash the Fury (East Coast Snow Update)

Everyone on the East is sitting around, looking at gear - new and old alike - and anxiously waiting for Vermont to announce "game on."  A quick jib sessions a few weeks ago at Mount Snow only served to make us all more hungry for the season to really start.  All eyes now are on Killington.  To paraphrase the Beast, snowmaking has been going on since yesterday, but conditions suck to make snow at the low elevations.  Fresh, real snow might be coming tonight, but the temperatures for prime snowmaking will certainly be there.  That's the critical part.  The East Coast snow gods are fickle, but the icy hand of a New England winter isn't.  When it shows up, it stays and locks in that deep freeze.  Using our technology, we can finish the job.  Gotta love the brand new fan guns they are using at killy pictured right.  I think that thing was only on for six hours when they took this and there is already light coverage.  Amazing.

The glimmer of hope?  The Beast says they will make an official announcment about top-to-bottom skiing tomorrow around this time.  Frankly, that seems much more positive than they were at this time yesterday.  Let's hope they can do it.  Boloney Moguls needs to keep it green and get back to Rutland.

Other prospects?  Well with all this cold finally setting in, snowmaking at Mount Snow has seriously cranked up.  They even claim to have gotten a few inches last night of fresh.  In the picture to the left you can seem them blow as hard as they can all over mother nature.  Damn green stuff needs to become white stuff.  Down by the base, they have nothing, but again, at higher elevations it is really looking like a winter wonderland.  Key here is to get great cover in for a 3rd annual post-Thanksgiving trip to the Snow Lake Lodge.  Last year's debauchery can be recapped here.  But to summarize, I ended up with a bruised jaw, Kath became Pukey, Kyle was anused, and Vinny was creeping about.  Oh yea, and the plate of gravy.

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