bə-lō'nē mō'gəls(n.pl.) 1. A group of drinkers with a shredding problem. 2. The combination of snow, booze, and metal.


Snowbird Day 2 (Boloney Blasts UT)

Another day in Uta, another day in paradise. The early morning SLC smog greets us and the continental at the DIS is well made. Waffle shots, hot coco dew slammers, and cream cheese smoothies go down easy. Off to the mountain on the UTA express and life is good.

So easily does the early wake up and the bus ride routine become, it is as if we were made for it. Getting to the BIRD early we have time for some coffee and some arts and crafts time. Good thing the deli had foil and duct tape. As an extension of the idea I conceived at BRIDK 09 and encouraged by the blinding sun on Mineral Basin I thought it would be an amazing idea to wrap my whole body in aluminum foil and shred the whole day that way. And a good idea it was. I’ll let pictures/vids do the talking. Too bad we don’t have more reactions from the people on the hill, but long story short, they enjoyed it, that is, when they were not completely blinded by the reflection off my armor.

So what did we do the rest of the day you ask? I’m glad to tell you. Shredded, and shredded hard. Because they haven’t had snow at the BIRD for /gasp/ a week, there was a bit of hard pack in the early morning bowls. It was fun frankly. Being back in the sort of conditions we all learned on, but on a hill 3x bigger than anything we normally ride was exciting. Better was watching these out-West light-weights complain that the conditions sucked and were too icy – even better was watching them loose their edges and tumble. Couple that with the fact that no matter how fast you go on their “hard pack,” when you edge, you hold it.

On the advice of one Dong Stoole, I decided to ass slide down a large part of Regulator Johnson. Super idea, until of course, Freddy Mercury slide up behind me and hosed me ridiculously hard with his power slide, followed of course by TK and finally Filter. It was great. Really. Having my jacket half open and getting coated with 20 pounds of the Uta white and fluffy was really just awesome for the rest of the day.

Of course, Boloney takes the road lest traveled. We found ourselves in the Black Forest again and again, taking creative lines and putting ourselves into all sorts of trouble. Some gnarly full exposure was found. Some divots were put into the bases of boards. But it’s all good for the pow pow we could find and the steepstion we tracked down. Even on a busy Sunday, we found ourselves alone, and in the thick of the woods and periphery of the BIRD, able to find deep stashes and secret spots.

With throbbing legs and aching livers we eventually all called it a day and rallied at the Tram Club for some food and sauce. It became just a near beer fest and we headed out of the BIRD as the sun set on Uta.

For TK and Power Seen, that was the end of Uta, for a The Filter and Dong, it was just the close to the day. Flights will be had on the next day, shuttles to and fro airports. But Snowbird and Brighton are going to stay right where we left them. And Boloney Moguls will be back.

Access photography here. Videos will be up sometime.

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